Lorraine Henrie Lins


100 Tipton

In this exquisite coming-of-age collection, Lorraine Henrie Lins takes us on her poignant journey, beginning with a time ‘before wrinkles, babies and husbands, biopsies and grief.’ From watching the news coverage of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination and diligently erasing the blackboards during recess while the other kids played with friends, to red-bikinied summer romances, ill-fated love affairs, favored writing instruments (please don’t tell the other pencils), trips to the hospital, and the strategic indifference of the cat watching her eat cereal, as opposed to the way the dog used to: ‘…waiting. Shifting and waiting.’ Never have childhood memories been so sweet, or adulthood so keenly observed, each milestone carefully examined like a precious seashell picked out of the sand. These poems filled me with nostalgia, sometimes painful—but painful in a lovely way. If I were to cite my favorites here, the list would match the Table of Contents.”
~ Robin Stratton, Of Zen and Men and Blue or Blue Skies

All The Stars Blown
   To One Side Of The Sky

"In this astonishing book Lorraine Henrie Lins teaches us by example; how to come to terms with the confusions of childhood and the challenges of experience; how to live as part of the human family and as a citizen of this planet where “the sun is an old sun / a beaten one that feels its own mortality....This is a writer you can trust, a book you can take with you on every journey, confident that its “good words” will bring you home safely, braver and smarter and ready for the next adventure. "
~ Christopher Bursk, author of The Improbable Swerving of Atoms"

I Called It Swimming

Lorraine Henrie Lins starts off her mesmerizing poetry cycle in the water, then goes to the safety of dry land, only to end with a poem about bluefish, as if to tell us that emergence outof one element to another is like a metamorphosis. This amazing book creates a synthesis between land and sea, desire and conformity. It’s like she opens the windows of her life to let you look at her struggles to remain whole, and then closes them gently, so as not to get dust in your eye. It’s a brave, guided tour of her world.  Lins is the new docent of poetry – she has the talent to make her experience sound new. ~ Hal Sirowitz, Former Poet Laureate of Queens, NY and author of:  Mother Said, Father Said and Before, During and After

Delaying Balance

In Delaying Balance’s first poem, Lorraine Lins declares, There will be blood, and the reader is forewarned. By its end we have gone too far into the killing to stop and are accomplices. Together we take note of both the purple bruise and the iris. In the last poem her mother advises, Listen to me.—to the choices I have given you… As surely as the passing of the seasons, forgiveness and hope are choices Lorraine Lins offers us.  This is a book to read…and pass on.   ~Patricia Goodrich, author of  Red Mud and Verda’s House 

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